Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Apolgies, excuses and explinations

Sorry for the delay in posting my comic up, my PC and scanner sorely tried my patience.
Ok, I admit it, ther's a vital bit of information missing from the strip, namely the planet is meant to be covered in junk and rubbish. THe trouble is I decided I didn't want to clutter things by drawing loads of little bits of shmutz, if I ever do another version it'll have another colour (pale blue probably) and I'll draw all the crap in that colour. Anyway, I think it still works ok. FOr anyone who's interested in the big Planet of the Apes style revelation that's also now missing (but probably still obvious), the dead planet is... EARTH! Big surprise huh?
The extra strip isn't up because I needed someone to turn up today for reference and they didn't bother, or I was out when they did, be patient.
Hey, Katy you big fibber, I said pirate, eventually. Of course I remember you, vaguely, sorta, haven't you got fancy hair or something, you dig holes I think? That you?


paul said...

that was well worth the wait, love the simple style you've cultivated here. [insert some kind of smart comment about the pedigree of this style in comic art here - sorry, but i don't know enough]

now i want more.

Katy said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Katy said...

I like it. I don't know a lot about art, so I am unqualified to comment, except to say I think it looks very good. Keep up the good work.

And you said you wanted to be a piking, which was unacceptable. And yes, I have fancy hair and I dig holes. In fact, I have even made an entry on my blog. The horror!

Katy said...

P.S. The post that was removed by the author was by me. Apparently grammar, spelling and punctuation are not my friend. Plus it was laced with profanities.

Danny said...

heeeeey! (Intended to be Fonz style, but probly coming out more like Les McQueen)
Nice work! More please!

paulhd said...

I argue with the grammatically poor Katy and my mobile backs me up. I sent a further txt saying Viking! You hole digger you. Still liek to be a piking though - I think this could form the basis for a later comic.
Glad you all like the art, should finish my new one today and I have another idea ready to go. Truly this is the dawning of a new creative day. Or whatever.

paulhd said...

PS. Everyone, Danny loves Les McQueen, he really does, he wants to be him.

Danny said...

Can't deny it... Scanning the 'Musicians Wanted' forums at with a tear in my eye... Trying to slip people old demo tapes... Harrassing bands at weddings... It's a shit business!