Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fingerpaint collection 5

IF, like me, you like horror and comedy, you're probably a fan of The League of Gentlemen. Hilary Briss and Edward & Tubbs are some of my favourite fingerpaintings, they're still quick and cartoony, but I think the likeness is strong, and not just down to the focusing on the key obvious bits.
Blackadder 1 and 2 don't quite capture the likeness, but I think they capture the character, 1 looks simpering and 2 looks in control, so I'm happy with that. It's a similar thing with all 4 of The Young Ones.
Columbo is the one though. The likeness isn't perfect, but I had such fun drawing the wonderful rumpledness of Peter Falk that I found, that despite my earlier thoughts, a degree of detail was possible - it required 'chiseling' away the lines a little, which seemed counter to my earlier quick 'get something down' efforts, but as it was still enjoyable, then I was fine with it. This was the point where I not only realised I wanted to go further with capturing a likeness, but that I was jsut having a great time and drawing was loads of fun. Thank you fingerpainting!
Kirk and Spock are a bit of a step back from Columbo, but I was doing these pretty fast (anywhere from 2 to 5+ minutes) and launching into the next one that I wish I'd taken a breath just a little and done a slightly more considered version... that said, they were both fun, they look like who they're meant to be, and I think I even (accidentally) managed to make them look like a mix of both actor who played them.

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