Tuesday, October 30, 2012

FIngerpainting collection 7

I love me some Phibes, and Price and his craggy make up was a joy to get lost in. Worf presented some issues of colour choice. Giant Haystacks came quick and easy, I wonder if it was because I wasn't too worried about the likeness? Kurgan looks nothing like Clancy Brown, sadly. The next 4 are people on the bus and in a coffee shop, so you'll have to trust me when I say they looked EXACTLY like this.
If you draw Giant Haystacks, you have to draw Big Daddy, it's a law.
80s synthpop singer Claudia Brucken.
Lemmy, done in a minute, which is why he probably looks as much like Sean Connery as Lemmy.
The Joker, as played by Cesar Romero, I should probably do the other versions of the Joker, make a nice set. After I finished The Joker I couldn't resist adding his makeuped 'tashe.

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