Friday, October 12, 2012

More Fingerpainting

Here's all the fingerpaintings I did on Finngr yesterday, 3 times as many as I posted before.
I had a lot of fun doing these, the limited palette and lack of erase and undo really helps focus your mind and frees you from caring. Not all of them are successful, but I learned a lot doing them. I have a few favourites from them, but they might not be the same as yours, so I'm keeping my mouth shut!


David Hailwood said...

Great shape to all these characters. I think my favourites are the vampire (terrific pose), the grey man in leather jacket, the Monsters Inc (captures the essence of the characters brilliantly), and the smoking bloke in the bottom right corner.

Keep up the damn fine work!

ps, Procreate is half price at the moment, if you haven't already got it - £1.49. It's meant to be one of the best, though there's so many options that I've only worked out how to draw a squiggly green line so far).

paulhd said...

Cheers, David. Glad you noticed the shapes, I tend to focus on that aspect with my *regular* drawing.
Fella in the jacket is Mr. X, smoking bloke is just a bloke smoking:)

peter bangs said...

Mr X is great, really nice feel and captured him perfectly. Loved Dennis too, really captured the character's sense of self. Very envious of you having an IPad, though Karen's told me if I ever get offered one for less than £50 I can buy it. Guess I'm stuck with my analogue one in the meantime.

paulhd said...

Thanks, Peter. The iPad is definitely nice, I was very lucky to get it.

sam hearn said...

These are lovely. Great compositions and choice of colours : )

paulhd said...

Thanks Sam, I've been having fun doing theme, I must have a dozen or so still to post.