Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fingerpaint collection 8

Why did I draw Jon Bon Jovi? It was the challenge of how to do the hair. Does it look like Jon Bon Jovi, not really, but check out the hair.
Alien, after tackling Jon's curls I figured the piping on everyone's favourite xenomorph would be a doddle.... and it was :)
Two from American Werewolf in London, because it's a brilliant film and because the hair, then the shredded face were going to be a challenge. They were, but they were fun to do too.
Rawls from The Wire is not a bad likeness I think, and it came pretty fast too... of course at this point they were taking more than 5 minutes, but 10+ minutes didn't seem too bad. McNulty was a little trickier, probably because I didn't use anyone particular piece of reference, just cobbled together a pic using a few different ones.
A tree and a car, back to doing something quick and off the cuff.
It's nearly Halloween, so I started doing some horror classics, these last three, Two Lon Chaney's and a Frank from Hellraiser, were back to being a bit quicker and less precious about capturing a likeness, but they also had the advantage of not needing an exact likeness as they're fairly iconic.
Somewhere inbetween the early speedy fingerpainting of the first few in this series and the later detail seems like a nice compromise.
And there you have it (well, not quite, there's just not enough for one of these collections), fingerpaintings so far. There's nearly 90 of these now and they've been worth their imagined weight in gold for me, they've been a lesson in simplicity vs detail, but most importantly they've been fun to do, and finding drawing fun seems to be what it's all about.

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