Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fingerpaint collection 6

Nothing much to say about the random guy I made up, just having fun.
Can you tell it's Walter Bishop? I didn't use reference, so it's not great, I was just watching Fringe at the time.
5 from Arrested Development, Tobias Funke fell straight of my finger, and it seemed obvious to do him in his blue man make up. Buster didn't take much work either, but Gob, George Sr and George Michael Jnr took a bit more work. I think they all sort of look like who they're meant to be, but gain a bit more recognition from being grouped together.
Slaine from 2000ad, and a nod to Mick McMahon's version.
If you've ever been anywhere near me with a pint you may have heard me babble about how amazing Superman The Movie is, so when I decided to draw the Zod, Ursa and Non I wan't to see how well I could draw them 'properly', even to the extent of briefly dropping the 'muppet' nose for Zod. THe tricky bit about Zod was not just trying to get a good likeness of Terence Stamp with a chubby thumb on a tablet screen and no zoom function to help me out, but to get that wonderful haughty expression... I'll leave it to others to judge if I managed it. Ursa was tough, I admit it, and I'm not too happy with how she looks, which is a shame and it's one of the few pics I'd like to revisit (but forward is the name of this exercise, which I started to realise it'd turned into at this point) After the failure of Ursa I was chuffed when Non just appeared in a few minutes.
Picard was a pretty quick pic, and I recall my wife shouting from the bedroom (she was ill at the time) that I was supposed to be walking the dog not doing another bloody fingerpainting... at this point, I was clearly suffering an illness just as much as she was:)

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