Saturday, January 07, 2006

My comic

My script's been given the approval. There's still a bit of work on it (I've only blocked in the dialogue mostly, and the pacing needs looking at) but the new ending's been given the go ahead, and a good job too because I don't think I could come up up with another one and quite liked the one I finally managed.
Yesterday I took my new camera out and took a bunch of reference shots of buildings etc for the strip and today I took a couple of the inside of a coffee shop (need to take a few more of those though), now I need to knuckle down and get the thumbnails done. This is the hard bit for me, I need to make the characters 'act', the posture, facial espressions, etc, but as drawing doesn't come naturally to me (at least it hasn't for over 20 years) it's a bit of laborious struggle. But if I get it right at this stage then the mountainous workload ahead will be that much easier.

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