Tuesday, January 03, 2006

New Year New Me progress report

We’re only a few days in but how am I faring? Not too bad. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t spring out of bed at the crack of dawn run a few miles, write a book, tidy the house, redecorate, bleach my brain, iron my skin, etc. Just small changes. I’ve gone to bed a little earlier, woke up earlier, no sweets have been eaten, coffee drinking is getting back to a reasonable level, I’ve tidied my stuff up after me, exercised, done a couple of those ‘jobs around the house’ that I’ve been putting off, etc, etc.
It pretty low key stuff. But that, my friends, is the genius and the difficulty of this year’s resolutions. This year I just get on with things, I don’t put them off, so doing the washing up after I’ve eaten is a gold star in my big book of the New ME. Simple, but actually quite difficult, because there’s a massive amount of those little things which is why I’ve always been seduced into putting them off. Well no more!
Okay, that’s enough of the New Year New Leaf More Old Blather stuff.
Surprise day off today (I had to work on New Year’s day and didn’t realise I get time back for it, woohoo!) so I’m going head out in a bit and buy me a banjo, yup, that’s right, it’s banjo time, the Harrison household will never be the same.


Gopher said...

Well I wish us both success in making the little changes this year. It's hugely difficult for me to do the simple tasks - hence the many resolutions I've made.

paulhd said...

I think the sheer volume of resolutions I'd have to make to really get anywhere in the self improvement stakes is what lead me to simplifying. The trick is not to do less resolutions just come up with something of a catch all, hence 'get on with things'.
Yeah, here's to success!