Sunday, January 22, 2006


As Danny says over on his blog January’s a bit of a grim month. It’s not been the start to 2006 I’d have liked. It’s the usual thing, the year should be a fresh start, but it always begins feeling hung over from the year before.
Things seemed to be getting tougher lately but after having to go away to a work meeting and coming back feeling pretty low the last couple of days have seen me finally perking up. Today I went swimming for the first time in ages and I remembered how much I liked excercise, the feeling of using my muscles and that the tiredness that came was actually part of the reward. Being carefull with what I ate was easy because I didn’t want to do anything that might’ve negated my excercising. It was an simple easy balance that I didn’t have to work at. Those feelings came back and I realised that I was ready to start the year properly, and it wasn’t going to be hard at all, it’s going to be a pleasure.
So after an nice swim I walked back into Town with Rebecca, we looked around the shops, had coffee, read the papers and it was perfect.

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Gopher said...

I love swimming - fairly good at it too IMHO. I just have an image problem so find it difficult to do. It is rewarding though and I find it wakes me up if I do it when I get in after a long day. Renewed energy and all that...

So the Daily Mirror and a Nescafé at Joe's Caf eh? See, I know you so well!