Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Nothing in my life but TV

Another cracking episode of Life on Mars last night - hope you enjoyed it Gopher. Decided to give Prison Break a look too even though it just seemed too daft to entertain. Well, it was daft, and it was entertaining, but I’ve got the feeling I’ll give up on in a few episodes time, it was just way too stupid. For now though, stupid’s what I want.


Danny said...

DAMN!!! I keep missing LOM... surely BBC3 must be repeating it, right?

Gopher said...

Not sure if they are yet, but they should. Best episode so far I thought Paul.

Prison Break was okay, but I do think it will fall flat fairly quickly. The story is not that intelligent.

reeseporter said...

i havent seen it yet but i did catch the pre-launch trailers weeks ago.

i have managed to catch 2 episodes of Hyperdrive from BBC... and i'm yet to laugh.

Id rather Red Dwarf came back with a once again dead crew.

paulhd said...

Quite liked the 1st episode of Hyperdrive but haven't got round to the others.
Danny! You're watching all the cult classics but missing a cult classic in the making on RIGHT NOW! Reese, Danny, watchitwatchitwatchit!
Honest, it's dead good. It's getting a DVD release at the end of the year but I'm sure there'll be a repeat before then.

Danny said...

Man I know... I keep forgetting when it's on... It looks amazing. I'm guessing there's still three to go, right?

paulhd said...

Could be 5, I think it's an 8 parter.