Sunday, January 15, 2006

Pencil pushing

Full of busy this week so posts have been thin on the ground. I’ll post some artwork soon to prove that I have been working. As well as a thumbnail or two to for anyone interested in the process of turning squiggles into scribbles into finished artwork I’ll post up a couple of characters designs. It’s been a bit of a headache designing the characters, I thought I’d finally got something together for the main character when I realised it was wrong and was actually the supporting character. I’m still trying to decide what the main character looks like. Theres’ an ‘odd looking thing’ in the story too and I’ve no concrete idea what the little blighter looks like, it keeps changing.
Y’know I’ve only just noticed how often my posts are about what I plan to do rather than about what I have been doing. Hmmm. I’ve no idea if that’s a hang up from back when I started this blog as a way to push me into getting stuff done or if it’s because I spend too much time thinking about doing things rather than actually doing them. Best not think too hard about that.

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