Saturday, January 07, 2006

New blog, same as the old blog.... but different

You might have noticed that I'm using a new template. I quite like this one, I think it could stay for quite a while, but it does need some changes, and when I figure out how to make them they'lll happen. One change has already happened, no booklist in the side bar. I like the idea, but there just wasn't the space, so I've decided to do the booklist as a seperate blog. The link to the blog ('Jackanory' as is disingenuously called) is on the right and I promise to update it more often the the old version. Actually it'll be easier for me to update seeing as I just have to post instead of messing around putting links in the old fashioned way when I don't even know what I'm doing.
For Christmas I got a very nice digital camera so I'll start posting photos up some time, I'll also update my old profile picture as soon as I get one of myself that doesn't make me gag (interesting aside - I got my mug in the local paper this week as part of this 'bookseller's recommends thingy', and it's horrible. I look homeless, I look dead and recently dug up, I look bad. I have seriously dark eyes which are barely open, my hair was wet which comes across as greasy and I've got a few days worth of stubble (fairly usual for me) which makes the leap from grungy to dirty with alarming ease. I knew I'd had a rough couple of months, but I had no idea how bad I've been looking. Ugh.)


Pete Ashton said...

So you looked like a bookseller then.

paulhd said...

AH, you still remember it well then.

Katy said...

Sounds like an improvement to me.

[insert 'just-joshing-with-you' icon here]

Liam said...

ah, the vanity of managers, acting or otherwise, is always a spectacle to behold...Just have a shave and have done. Like me -strokes massive ginger beard and does the hand signal pioneered by the heroes of ZZ Top -