Thursday, April 14, 2005

Irregular update

Things are still ticking over here in sunny/grey/damp Lancaster. Work's tough, but I'm hoping things'll pick up soon.
I'm about a quarter of the way through the 3rd (and final) draft of Simian Smith and I think its' shaping up quite nicely.
As well as Simian I've started on a story called Green and Pleasant Land, something I've had on the boil for a few years now (it used to go by Green World) and I think, in all modest, it's a really good idea. It's interesting comparing what I've done now (only 2000 words) with what I'd attempted before, the writing is much better, in the words of Rebecca it's more mature. But its' not just the prose, situations and charactisation seem much improved.
I'm utterly knackered with work and still trying to write, but I'm liking it, I feel like less of some useless slug person.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

New Town New Us?

No landline connected in our new place so I'm being all la-de-da and typing this in an internet cafe. We probably wpn't be connected for about a month which is a bit of a pain, although maybe a bit of enforced limitations on my online use isn't a bad idea.
Lancaster is lovely and everything we hoped for. The new job is a bit weird, partly because of the change in my job and partly because the change in branch, both things will take some getting used to and I hope I'm up to it. Found out on my first day that the manager had a 2 week holiday booked, which starts, oh... tomorrow. Bit of a shock really, I think a lot of my training is going to be done by me and that's not a bad idea.
Rebecca is still job hunting (have I mentioned how much I love, respect and appreciate her for the sacrifice she made in quitting her job to come here?), but it's very early days yet and she's applied for 1 job, going to apply for another and has joined a carework agency.
We spent a fantastic afternoon in the local park (10 minute walk from our very nice house - which unfortunately is a little too close to a trainline..... on the other hand there were ducks wandering past our front window yesterday so I'll take the rough with the smooth, it's a lovely house after all) which is beautiful, not only does it have a deer sanctuary like our last park, but it has a butterfly house and a bird watching section. It's also massive and resembles a wood more than a golf course/flower garden, we reckon we'll be making very regular trips to it.
As we walked we talked about stuff and I think we have a plan. Rebecca is going to look into becoming a teacher, we can afford for her to do the PGCE course now that I have a bit more cash and she could combine her present skills with teaching and going into teaching kids with special needs - more money, more hands on work with individuals and just as, if not more, rewarding, sounds like a plan.
Oh, and the second episode of Doctor Who was amazing and the next looks like it could be even better, life is good!