Sunday, October 27, 2013

Astrodog at Kendal's Comic Festival

It was the Lakes International Comic Art Festival in Kendal, and the very first time I've had a table. The table was to sell print copies of Astrodog - yes, Astrodog is finished and it's in print. I'll be making Astrodog available for purchase online very soon too.
Sadly I didn't get to see as much of the festival as I would have liked, not only did I have a table but I was with my 6 year old daughter, which meant I couldn't really sample all that was on offer, which means I can't really review the festival. What I can say is this, it was brilliantly organised, lots of shops and venues in Kendal participated and appeared to reach a lot of folk who might not be regular comic fans, the organisers were incredibly helpful, the events looked great (and the people who went seemed to enjoy them) and I met a lot of people and sold more copies of Astrodog than I thought I would. I also spent an hour in Waterstones drawing pictures from kids and enthusing about my live of fingerpainting using the Finngr app to a family who seemed very interested in the process - I may have banged on to quite a few folk about fingerpainting!
Anecdotally I think sketches were very popular and although I wasn't charging for them I did do a few, including a dog portrait for an Astrodog fan.
I'd have to say the first comic festival was a success, whether I go back trying to sell comics or not, I'll definitely be back