Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A real Powergirl

Another 3 weeks another day of chemotherapy for Rebecca. Everything went as it should from the last treatment and she's dog tired again from this one. Sadly there's hair everywhere in the house, worse because she still had the excess of hair from being pregnant. It's not noticable to anyone else that it's going, but it is. A bit of retail therapy, including a couple of cool summer hats has helped, but, well, who wants to lose their hair.
Luckily health wise everything's going well and a few other problems we had have been sorted.

Thursday, March 22, 2007


Okay, I know very little about Powergirl other than she's been blessed with a really bad costume. But in connection with the Supergirl meme there's a new meme to save this postergirl for hormonal boys.
I'm mainly doing this because I suck at drawing females, too much time spent drawing
2000ad characters with clenched teeth (them, not me), this gives me an excuse to practice.
My version keeps the colour scheme, the hair and the idea that her cape is held on with a sort of sash thingy. Oh, and the heck bits pretty similar. other than that I just went with something that hopefully makes her look powerful yet feminine (not sexy, which I think her original costume was meant (and failed) to do.
The sketch shows an early cape/dress idea the my wife liked, so I'm posting it to keep her happy.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Men with big sticks

Seeing as Andrew prefered Captain Britain to America I thought I'd indulge him. I'll try and do another with the Alan Davis version but I've got a soft spot for the old school version and as I'm a big fan of Jack Staff this idea seemed to fun to ignore - has anyone else had this idea?

Monday, March 19, 2007


Had to dig through some artwork today and saw a bunch of stuff I hadn't seen for a while so I thought I'd post it while I try and do some new stuff.
This fella is an old school Cyberman I drew years ago for a collection of short Doctor Who stories. Looking at it now is a bit weird, at the time I was really proud if it, now all I can see is all the rubbish bits, but funnily enough I still like it, warts and all. I think it's the characterisation I like? The Cyberman are sort of sad so an obsolete design left slumped and forgotten seems to work for me, and hopefully rises beyond it's poorly drawn origins..... longwinded rationalisation for duff drawing over!


Those with long memories and nothing else to think about might remember me mentioned the book 'The Adventures of Polo' by Regis Faller a while ago. It's a beautiful book, smart, inventive and lovely to just look at, and there's another out now (I'm waiting patiently by the letter box for it) In the meantime have a look at the Polo website here, it's gorgeous.

Sunday, March 18, 2007


My go at the recent Supergirl meme got an honorable mention on Proect Rooftop which I'm totally chuffed by! If you've not been there (and you should check it out), PR where people submit new costume designs for superheroes. There's been some brilliant designs and fantastic artwork. What I find interesting is that away from the safe 'commercial' dullness required by DC and Marvel there's a lot of possibilities not being explored, if only some bigwigs at DC or Marvel let loose some of the talented folk who've contributed to PR there might be some much improved comics out there.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


It's been nearly a week since my wife had her first chemotherapy treatment, and thankfully so far it's gone fine. The first couple of days Rebecca was sick but this settled down when we found out it was not directly because of the treatment, but because her stomach was now more sensitive, a little change in eating habits and it's under control. Tiredness has been the main problem, it's important that Rebecca sleeps when she needs it to help keep fatigue at bay as this can be really tough.
Unfortunately as positive as this is, it's still early days. Rebecca is now entering into what is scarily called the 'nadir', this is the point where her white blood cells, which provide immunity, pretty much disappear. The worry of catching something, and everything can be life threatening in this stage, is what's been at the back of my mind. We've been getting into the habit of regular, and frequent, hand cleaning, being careful about food preparation and being careful with Olivia's contact with her mam. The trick has been to get into the habit of doing this without it feeling overbearing, Rebecca's kept such a positive outlook that we don't want to make a big deal about doing things differently.
Anyway, to counterbalance the 'dark' bit of the post, here's a cute as a button picture!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Captain America meme

There’s another meme just starting, this time it’s Captain America’s turn, inspired by the recent storyline that I’ll not spoil.... then again I’m sure everyone who’d care, and a few others beside, already know. Cap. has long been one of my fave superheroes and I had tried to draw him a while ago and failed, but when the meme calls inspiration strikes!
Seeing as it takes me ages to colour in my creaky fashion I'm posting the b&w now and I'll edit this post later when the colour version's done, in the meantime, hope you like.

Edited to add the colour versi
on, and a quicky Red Skull version - it struck while doing this one the Vincent Price would've made a top Red Skull.
If you dropped by to check out the meme, why not look at some of the other artwork here. Thanks for visiting!

Friday, March 09, 2007

For kelvin

Better with stripes or without?
If you've come for the meme why not have a look at some more drawings here
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Thursday, March 08, 2007


After the weightiness of the last post here's a pretty (I hope) picture. The colouring was done on a pretty lame package and I had to do some of it pixel by pixel, which was satisfyingly mind numbing...... of course, naff colour choices are all my own fault.
And hey, if you've come to look at the meme why not look at some of drawings, just click here.
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