Saturday, November 26, 2011


....and Obelix, and Dogmatix. And some Roman. Here's another pic where I try and get a character out of my system.

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Wonderful thing about Tiggers.... there's only one. And it's A.A. Milne's & E. H. Shepard's.
Here's my humble attempt to draw Tigger, who is not my favourite character (although they're all great!) from the books, so that means there should really be another picture. As soon as I get round to drawing it.
Eagle eyed regulars to this blog may see a resemblance to another piece I posted, purely intentional, as I liked the green and blue palette and wanted to try it again, and as several drawings on this blog show, I really like drawing characters in the sky!

Friday, November 04, 2011

The Leopard of Lime Street

My updating of the UK classic, 'The Leopard of Lime Street'. One of things I loved about the strip was the working class grittiness, so I've pushed that a little further with use of council flats. From that it was easy to imagine a whole new 'Leopard' strip making used of parkour. I'd love to see that happen.
With me drawing it, of course:)

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Copies of Nelson have arrived at Blank Slate, so you can buy them!
You probably know the drill by now, it's an anthology with each chapter produced by some of the best and brightest creators in the UK, and all the chapters tell a story from a year in the life of the main character. My gushing about this wonderful project knows no bounds, and you can support the homeless charity Shelter by buying it!
Here's another sneak peak of my chapter. It's a fairly low res scan, so.... why not just buy the book!
More info on Nelson, and buying power, here.
There's some events lined up too. I'll be at Thought Bubble, so say hello.
While I've got your attention I'm seriously considering doing commissions, but have no idea what level of interest there is out their, so let me know. Prints are a possibility too. See you at Thought Bubble!