Wednesday, April 18, 2007

And back again

It's been a rough week so still no artwork - there is some coming.
Rebecca had her third chemotherapy today and it seems to be taking a little more out of her each time, she also found out that she has to get a series of injections to stimulate her bone marrow into producing my white blood cells. More injections is a pain, but they seem pretty easy, the important thing is they allow her to g
et her chemo on time and they aren't there because of anything bad.
My grandad went into hospital last week because of his stom
ach cancer and it looked bad for a day or so, luckily he's come out of hospital better than when he went in.
To top all this off Olivia's teething! This probably seems the most minor, but as Rebecca need to relax, particu
larly a few days after her treatment, the timing could be better. Also, it's not nice to see the poor little thing in pain. Luckily for everyone so far Olivia is sleeping through the night just like always, it's just during the day that she's grumpy or in discomfort - taking her for a walk seems to help, so I think there'll be a lot of that.
Is this the best time to decide to start exercising again to undue 2 months comfort eating? Not really, but I'm doing it anyway.
On the nice side of things as well as struggling with teeth Olivia is coming on really well. For some reason she's been fascinated with cups, and as I drink a lot of coffee she's had plenty of opportunity to see how it's done, often reaching for the cup if she's sat on my lap at the time. In a moment of parental amusement I et her go for my (empty) cup and was choked up with happiness when she reached round to grab the handle and brought the cup to her mouth! Just think what I'll be like when she takes her first step or says her first word! Anyway, a baby cup's been purchased and she's getting more practice in. She's also enjoying eating baby rice from a spoon, and trying to hold the spoon herself. Honestly, I'm such a sap for this stuff!
As usual I attempt to counter and miserableness of these posts with photos, guess which one is Olivias' failed attempt at using a spoon:)

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Iron man in good comic adaptation shock!?

Maybe if this pic is anything to go by.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

What's going on

Bit of a funny few days so I've no done much, still got some pencils needing inking and I really should get started on 'MY Robot' for AccentUk's next anthology, 'Zombies' was about zombies, see if you can guess what the subject matter is in 'Robots'.
In the meantime I need to get this off my chest, Life on Mars is one of the finest pieces of TV ever, just fantastic.
Doctor Who's started stronger, last series was a bit patchy, and Torchwood had many many (many) moments of utter cringing embarrassment. Many.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Three (Miserable) Bears

Edited to replace wandering pic.
Still not so hard at work doodling pinups, there's two nearly ready to post, but I'm trying to make my mind up if one should have some background (I draw them on occassion!) or not. In the meantime here's an old picture I did.
This was a bit different for me, mainly because it was one of my first attempts at using a pen (flexible nib), but also it was me trying to build a portfolio. Both of those endeavors were doomed. Even though I was pleased with the penwork I started missing chunky lines (it also threw up an odd thing for me, I love scratchy wibbly (technical term) pen lines, but also love smooth fluid brush lines, I'd love to combine both but have never managed it - maybe using brush work on textured paper as well as pen might work? The other doomed aspect was the portfolio, my usual lack of ideas and inability to stop dithering and just enjoy my work led to me giving up (not unusual for me, after a nightmare year of illustrating greeting cards for idiots I stopped drawing for about 6 months. I also tend to quit drawing comics once or twice a year!), and this story got no further than 3 pages .
It's a shame I didn't complete my own version of the Three Bears as I actually knew the basic plot which is odd for me. Anyway, at least I've got that look on baby bears face, love the way that turned out!

Sunday, April 01, 2007


There's been some great Jack Kirby characters (apparently Stan lee had something to do with them? This could just be a rumour though.), but I remember reading some old UK annual with marvel reprints (found it in the local tip, ah those were the days) and discovering The Inhumans, or rather Blackbolt, and being seriously impressed. His origin is brilliant, born into the royalty of a society of superpowered people Blackbolt's power was strength, flying, yadda yadda, but his real trick was that the slightest whisper from him could decimate buildings, so his first cry when he was born killed his mother and father, and a fair chunk of their home. From then on BB had to keep quiet if he didn't want to cause serious damage, giving him a real sense of sadness and dignity.