Monday, September 24, 2007

'MY robot!' page 1

'MY robot' is for the upcoming 'Robot' anthology.
The idea for this story came fully formed, but it still seems to be turning out a little different.
I'll post these in order as they're done, there's 6 pages in total, and if I get cracking they should all be up over the next couple of weeks.
I might have gone overboard with the grey tones, but I was having fun.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Actual arrogance

Well, not arrogance maybe, but confident at least.
This was my first go at drawing Christopher Lee, and I think I got it right first time. Wow.
I did a scribble of Clint Eastwood at the same time and utterly failed to capture him (who is that squinty guy with the cigar that doesn't look like Clint Eastwood), so I'll not get too carried away with my ability.
This sketch might give away which Lee character I'm drawing, but it might not, as I decided to take a few liberties. All will be revealed when I post the finished art.....

Friday, September 07, 2007

Peter Cushing

Just finished this as a present for someone.
I'm not much of a caricaturist as I tend to strip away rather than exaggerate but I hope I managed to capture Peter Cushing's striking handsome features as well as his elegant and sinister brittleness - it's why I opted for the younger Dr Frankenstein look. It makes me smile to think of him playing Grand Moth Tarkin in his slippers, how simply British. An incredible actor.
As I'm giving away the original artwork I used nice paper and brushes instead of the cheap paper and chunky markers I've used recently figuring photoshop doesn't care what I use to make lines with. It reminded me that I love work that exists finished in the real world rather than the digital one. I even decided to try a bit of dry brushing on watercolour paper and am quite pleased with the results. Hope it goes down well with the giftees (think Imade that word up!)
Might draw Christopher Lee to complete things.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Mike Wieringo

As some of you already know, excellent comic artist Mike 'Ringo' Wieringo passed away recently. 'Ringo was a great superhero artist, he got that they were fun, and his early run on Flash with Mark Waid was fantastic. Friends and fans decided to mark his passing by re-interpreting his Flash characters. The standards of work posted already show the high regard Ringo's work was held in, see it here.
Here's what I've sent.