Saturday, February 13, 2010

Medium Flake

These were scripted by David Hailwood for an open sub thing Mad Magazine had a couple of years ago. It's early on in my days of photoshop, and I was shocked to see some weird laborious techniques. One page had to be relettered because of a mistake. David also sent them to Wasted, Alan Grant thought they were funny, but not 'adult' enough, he did say he liked the artwork though. Which is nice.

Friday, February 05, 2010

This was painful.
I roughed it out fairly quickly and blundered into the final pencils. Then realised I'd done a terrible job.
So I started again, got as far as colouring and as the page was nearly done when my laptop went dark. The battery doesn't work and I'd accidentally pulled the power supply out. In my haste to make up for lost time I hadn't saved any of the colour work. Deciding that the day was a dud I figured I should go to bed, emailed the other Huzzah guys.... then decided to block in some colour, and that blocking in led to finishing it up. Thankfully.