Friday, August 22, 2008


Busy weekend coming up, I've got to finish the artwork for the project I mentioned last post - I've also got the go-a-head to post a couple of no spoiler pieces, so I'll do that next week.
In the meantime, please watch this complete and utter genius piece of total wrongness.

Monday, August 18, 2008


You might have already seen this on Strangeplanet, but I like it so much I have to post it myself. As much as I like Batman done as a dark moody crime type comic (Year 1, Batman Grendel (the 1st one) and Gotham Central), I've never had a problem with the fun 60's version of the comics and the classic TV show, so the new Batman Brave and Bold cartoon seems perfect.
And the music is genius.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

So, what's going on?

Despite how quiet I've been on this blog for a while now I am hard at work. At the moment I'm attempting to do justice to a bonkers, in a good way, comic of the sorta dead. Yup, I drawing zombies again. Not sure I can say much more about this one, but if I can I might post a completely out of context no spoiler type pic. Anyway, it's going pretty well, even if I'm a bag o' nerves about it.
One project that I hinted at ages ago is still on the mental drawing board and I've set my own personal deadline of penciling it by the end of October. This one is all my own work and if all goes well it'll be in the rather wonderful DFC comic, yup, I'm spilling the beans on this one. My pitch and sample art was accepted a few months ago and if it wasn't for my day job I'd have probably finished it by now. Anyway, as far as I'm concerned it's not a done deal until the final things been approved, but fingers crossed.
I've also got to do artwork for the upcoming AccentUK Western anthology and a short piece for Bulletproof 3. Between drawing, the day job and being a dad there's not a hell of a lot of time for anything else, which is another reason for the gaps between posts, if I'm lucky I'll be able to spend less time at the day job next year, freeing up time for the other stuff, which is, frankly, far important to me.