Sunday, September 24, 2006

Axel Pressbutton

Pedro Henry and Curt Viles' classic creation from 'Sounds' and later, with Steve Dillon/Mick Austin/Alan Davis, in 'Warrior'.
It's the 'Sounds' version that I liked best so that's the version I decided to draw, Steve Dillon's redesign was great but I just liked the quirky lo-fi charm.
This is the pic I decided to redo, there's not that much difference between the two versions, but enough to keep me happy!

Monday, September 18, 2006


Finally managed to get this pic uploaded, but it's not as sharp a scan as a result, I'll try and sort a better one out tomorrow.
Mike Mignola's a tough act to follow, but the nice thing about doing these pix is that I feel like I'm learning quite a bit from looking at the original works and then doing my own version, I certainly learnt a lot from this one.

Monday, September 11, 2006


It's a pram, it's a car seat, it's a push chair! Yes my new toy just stops short of turning into a large kick arse robot.
Nice having a pram in the house, what with Rebecca's belly-button becoming an 'outie' last night I things are moving forward baby-wise.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Strontium Dog

Not as much atempt of the old school 2000ad stylings for this one. I'm not actually a big fan of Johnny Alpha, I think his last decent story was the one where Wulf got killed off and he went off for revenge, but the early stories were great and he is a classic 2000ad character.
Think I'll try my hand at some non2000ad stuff next, although I do plan to do some more. Maybe I'll give Hellboy a go, Mr Zombie Dollars Nik Holmes' fine version has inspired me!

Ghost Rider rebelling against whadevah ya got

Back when I lived in london I was a regular at the excellent Gosh comic shop and when the staff decided to put together a Marvel pin up book they asked me and some of their other regulars to contribute, this meant getting fine pictures from the likes of D'israeli,Ilya, Woodrow Phoenix, Will Kane, Craig Conlan and Garry Leach.
IIRC I figured that it'd be fun to draw a goofy but cool character and when I thought of GH an image popped into my head so I did it. I stuck with the early G
host Rider because the later versions with the big flashy bike look a bit embarrassing to me, bit too 'hair metal' instead of the rock 'n' roll of Mike Ploog's version.
Anyway, the basic drawing's not quite right, GH isn't sitting on the bike right, and so on. But I was really pleased with the inking and I think the pose and attitude worked despite the proportions being off.