Sunday, April 18, 2010

why no pictures?

Sorry for the lack of art. I recently finished a book cover and am close to finishing a pitch with Jason Cobley, but nothing else worth posting. In all honesty I'm a bit burnt out on blogging.
It's my own fault, after getting a few things published I started to think all wrong about what I drew. I tried to force myself into doing things in a manner that just wasn't me. So I drew less and was unsatisfied with what I did.
Comics only pay great if you do a certain kind, and I'm not interested, or maybe even good enough for those. Truth is I have a limited amount of time (I work full time and my wife works full time. Days off work are most likely spent looking after my daughter, or it's a rare family day) any drawing I do should be self indulgent, not tampered with in the hope for a bit of cash. So, no more looking for a paying gig. If something comes up that I like, great. If not, I'll be pleasing myself.
I've no idea if this means less drawing as I focus on other things, or more as I rediscover what I like.
I came to this after feeling quite low, but once I decided to pull back from things I felt pretty good. That seems like a good sign.