Monday, November 21, 2005

Paul talks comics.... again.

In an article in The Guardian (which does seem to be a bit of a graphic novel (or as I like to call them, comics) champion) it seems the Royal Society of Literature is recognising comics, very nice to hear, but more important later in the article seems that a UK publisher is releasing Ozamu Tezuka’s 6 (I think) Volume biography of Buddha which is good news indeed. It’s been available in the US in a nicely designed (by Chip Kidd) buy pricey hardback, think I’ll have to add them to my new year purchases list.
Even more excitingly is the news that another member of the damn fine L’Association (of who my fave Lewis Trondheim is a member of) has English translation due out. The only work I’ve seen by Killoffer was in the SPX EXPO 2000 book (and possibly a Bart Beaty article in The Comic Journal), but it was a great little story and he’s certainly a worthy member of L’Association - pretty high praise considering the company. Anyway, Six Hundred and Seventy Six Apparitions of Killoffer is out soon and I’ll be buying it.

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