Thursday, April 06, 2006

Seeing as you asked.....

What were you doing 10 years ago?
Living with my folks after quitting a job many miles away and having nowhere else to go. It was a big mistake and led to a terrible year.

What were you doing 5 years ago?
Living in London on a street affectionately named ‘murder mile’, thinking maybe it was time to leave London, my AM was making a crap job a hateful one and we felt lonely far to much.

What were you doing 1 year ago?
Moving to Lancaster. Things were looking up, nice house, nice area and the job looked like it would be interesting, which it hadn’t been for a while. I was writing more often than not and it felt like a fresh start.

5 Snacks you enjoy.
Peanut butter
You know, all the low fat stuff.

5 Songs (you think) you know by heart
‘Old Man’ - Neil Young
‘Our House’ - Madness
‘Light My Fire’ - The Doors
‘Lucy in the Sky’ - The Beatles
Picking Up After You’ - Tom Waits

5 Things you would do with a LOT of money
Stop worrying about not having enough money
Buy an old house with a lot of land in the country, preferably in the Lakes.
Open up some small book/comic/arty type shops.
Set up a grant system for people wanting to produce comics/books/art/music/etc
Light cigars with twenty pound notes and laugh at the poor..... well, no, not really, but I can’t think of anything else.

5 Things you would never wear
Baseball caps
Jumpers made of the itchy shit I was made to wear when I was little
Shell suits
T-shirts with football nonsense on them

5 Things you should never have worn
Bright orange slip on shoes
‘Blouson’ type jackets of the ‘80’s
Pastel colours
A Bon Jovi sleeveless t-shirt
Jeans that were mainly made up of stains and holes

5 Things you enjoy doing
Writing and drawing
Being with my wife
Lying in bed/lazing around
Being out walking/drink coffee/general mooching

5 Bad habits you have
Wasting time
Not achieving all I’m capable of
Doing things I don’t care about and have no love for
Not being honest with myself - or at least not acting on it

5 people you would like to do this
Well, assuming I can’t pick the same people Reece did and I have to know them
Katy - who I can't find a link for so she's probably finally given up blogging


Nimiwey said...

ooooooooooooooook so i wont fill it out then (sulks)

Anonymous said...

and of course, the 5 things you like doing are not in any particular order.. right?

paulhd said...

Off course not the order, of course not, no no.
Sorry Nim, I only had 5 choices, you would've been next on my list though.

Anonymous said...

perhaps in the absence of Katy, Nim would do it?

What are rules, Nim? I'm surprised you care for them. :)

Nimiwey said...

I'm sorry I have never heard this world "rules" of which you speak

And yes, I woulda done it...I mean if I was in the top five...

I talked to Danny on the phone yesterday...but I kinda rushed him off cause I couldn't understand him lol! Maybe Martin can translate for me...

And hi back, Paul.

paulhd said...

So I guess danny passed on my hi? Doesn't that count for something?!
Can anyone understand the carrot crunching accent of Danny? IIRC Americans really struggled with my accent, tsk, bloody spetics.

Katy said...

Nope, here I am! I shall do this for you, aren't you special. I had this paranoia that my brother would find my blog, so I took the link down. Not that there's anything embarassing, really, but I'm sure there's enough there for at least a year's worth of merciless teasing.

Nimiwey said...

LOL Katy, I've moved my blog for similar reasons...except to hide from my holy rollin' brother...

Danny said...

I don't understand me, so I guess it's a bit rich to expect anyone else too...