Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Lickle babeee.

It seems I have been neglecting my fatherly duty of showing off my beautiful daughter, so here's a few pictures to rectify that. Rather shamelessly we decided (in our defense it was after a lot of deliberation) to enter Olivia into a baby competition in our local paper. What can I say, £150 to spend on baby gear was too much of a temptation to a couple of poor ass deadbeats like us. Sadly Olivia probably won't win as we don't know enough Lancastrians who'll vote, on the other hand the photo we got is absolutely lovely.


Anonymous said...

Biiig smiles! :-)

Faff said...

She's gorgeous and you look like a majorly indulgent dad.

Thanks for the pics.

Danny said...

awwwwwwww! what a sweetie!

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Cute with a capital 'C' ,the baby's not bad either ! :) I remember when my first daughter was that age, now she's nearly 16 and full of cheek.
So does the baby get her looks from the wife's side of the family or yours,everybody seems to see something different with kids, some say our 3 look like me, some say they're the spit of the wife !!!

paulhd said...

Thanks chaps:)
She looks like me mostly, Andrew, but she's got enough of Rebecca in her to improve this poor stock - her eyes, are as big and beautiful as her mam's.
16? 3? Wow. That's gotta be a full time job!

Katy said...

Ahhh, such a beautiful baby! I'm very much looking forward to finally meeting her soon. And clearly she's got dad wrapped around her little finger already! x