Monday, November 05, 2007

Happy 1st Birthday Olivia!

Pic 1 answers the question of time 'Daddy, or chips?' prettty conclusively. Olivia get chips on her party frock, quickly followed by her first taste of cake. Pic 2 is from this morning, officially one year old and a career in construction a dead cert. Pic 3 is tired and happy parents.
Today iswas Olivia's first birthday and it was spent mostly sleeping, all three of us, toddler, mam and dad. It was nice, and needed after having her naming ceremony on Saturday.
The naming ceremony was great, seems there's not been many of them here but the woman at the register office was relaxed and confident and the whole thing is elastic enough to fit to people's needs.
We tried to keep it quiet, much like our wedding (ridiculously small, and wonderful), but it got a touch bigger and involved, but only a touch. Initially Olivia was not terrribly impressed, a group of strangers staring and clapping is a touch unnerving it seems. By the time we got to the reception she'd relaxed considerably and apart from a little upset here and there, she was fine.


Faff said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Olivia and congratulations to both parents on surviving the whole ordeal. It gets harder to stay low key from about the fourth Birthday onwards. Molly's just had her sixth which involved 10 kids dressed as mermaids or pirates, Southsea Aquarium, monkey poo sandwiches and 150 contenders for the worlds worst knock knock joke.

Every daddy loses out to chips for a while but girls soon realise daddys are better.

Hey to Becs, nice to see you looking so well. Needless to say gorgeous pictures of a gorgeous girl.

Faff said...

Olivia that is. Although Becs looks good too.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

A year already, boy that flew, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Olivia !!!

Anonymous said...

hippy bathday!

Katy said...

Ahhh, hope you had a lovely, family day!

It was really great to see you all at the weekend, and meet Olivia. I'll get the pics emailed to you ASAP!


paulhd said...

Olivia says what I chose to interpret as "Thank you all very much!"