Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Work work work

Blimey I'm not getting a rest. Quick pause (I need me a breather) just to say I'm nail bitingly close to a deadline to submit some work to Mad magazine. It was pointed out to me recently that they had some open submission thingy and would I like to have a go. I did and I am, but I had no idea the deadline was so close. At the moment I've got a measly two pages (ideally just one more would have done the trick) all inked, but there's still colour and lettering to come, which means I'll be, ugh, resorting to computer lettering (apologies to those that use it, but I prefer hand lettering given the chance, adn even so, I've not got a nice lettering program so I can't even do it with my own font, like the nicer computer letters use). It's gonna be a late night.

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