Sunday, October 05, 2008


Due to last minute bad luck, a bit of poor planning and a whole lot of 'out side' influences, I couldn't make it to the Birmingham comic convention this weekend. I'm more than a little annoyed as I had hoped to put faces to a couple of internet names. Still, it, and a few other things this last week, has been a valuable lesson, and one one I intend to act upon for the scarily near new year. In my home life I'm not terribly well organized and can lack focus, I've also let various events of the last couple of years weigh far too heavily, and have seen getting over them as a huge obstacle instead of simply putting it all aside and moving on.
Aaaaanyway, pretty pictures to resume soon, the new version of my cowboy comic is coming along and I'll post some of that soon.


Graeme Neil Reid said...

Yup, three years BICS has been running and three years I've failed to make it. I always find trying to do something productive while you think of how great it would be to chat to friends and buy comics only slightly takes your mind of things :)

James said...

I hope those 'outside influences' don't refer to us?

From where I was sitting you were more than complicit.