Friday, December 26, 2008


My list-
Creepy Archives Vol1
Strange & Stranger The World of Steve Ditko
Laurel & Hardy 'Way Out West'
Moonlighting Season 1&2
oh, and I got 2 games for MY NEW Wii!!! result.
My inner balance was sore tested by this abundance of consumer goodness!
Hope Santa brought you all just what you wanted.


Mosca the Grouch said...

Can imagine Olivia's squeal of delight at her first game of Wii tennis. In fact, we may have heard it from across the river :) Hope it was a suitably cool family day. Will have to meet up soon. (btw. thank you for the bookseller recommendation to Sion. Was not the book I was expecting, so very pleased)

I. N. J. Culbard said...

I got the Steve Ditko book for my Birthday a while back. Very good it is too.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

My Anna Friel never arrived again !! :( I did get the 1980's Look-In annual to go with the 70's one I got last year, then the usual Choccies, Mugs, Calenders, T-Shirts etc...

paulhd said...

Mosca - Family time was great, I'll miss it now that I'll always be playing my Wii. Glad the book went down well, I aim to please:)
INJ - Enjoying it so far. I used some Christmas money to by Evanier's Kirby King of Comics, seems an appropriate shelf buddy, and chock full of lovely art.
Andrew - If you're well behaved, maybe next year for Anna:)