Sunday, March 22, 2009

Astrodog at the cantina

Anyone who has been reading The DFC, or not, and thinks it's being cancelled too soon might want to go here. Nice to see a bit of fan support similar to that received by shows like Firefly.
Seems like a good time to show another Astrodog pic. This one was to pad out the three comic pages, and show Astro with aliens, which would have taken several more pages to happen.
Mr Postman delivered a couple of comp copies of the Toxic Comic extra with two strips drawn by me, and they've come out really well. The whole comic looks excellent and I hope there'll be more like it. The issue will be out soon and I'll post some artwork from it then.


Unknown said...

Sigh, I was looking forward to seeing Astrodog in the DFC, really good to see you're going to do something with him despite the sad demise of the DFC.

Garen said...

Hooray for Astrodog! I was at the Egmont offices on Tuesday and got the Toxic desks pointed out to me. I proudly told them I had a friend who did work for Toxic! (That person being, you, obviously).

Rob Davis said...

Great pic, Paul. Your zany palette suits this scene perfectly. I like very much. :-)

paulhd said...

Cheers fellas.
Faz - Sad demise indeed, hope you're looking for a new home for those Dead Pets. Still going to have to rethink Astro before he can try elsewhere. This'll be the 3rd reworking.
Garen - Ha, they probably thought you were a shameless namedropper!! :)
Rob - I'm all about the bright colours!

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Very Bizarre !! :) My word verification word is 'bumersel' sounds like an arse cream !!

paulhd said...

'bumersel'? Isn't that where the Wickerman remake's set?