Sunday, August 23, 2009

Not much drawing going on

Please accept these old scribbles as the shameless filler that they are.
This was for a pin up for The Shootist I never got round to doing, and probably never will, I'm posting it because although it's barely legible, I think it looks like John Wayne.Here's a scribble of the Hulk. It was sitting in a corner of my sketchbook, I don't remember drawing it, but I quite like it for some reason. It's scribbles like this that made me start experimenting with just pencilling and not inking it, although I'm wondering if it's time to go back to the brush.


shane oakley said...

filler or not, be good see a LOT more sketches, these are smart.

...and he does have a certain 'duke' quality about him.

best of british with the samples.

paulhd said...

Cheers, Shane. I don't have a lot of sketches, but I'll post more I reckon - I always figured just because I like the rough doodling more, that didn't mean folk'd want to see them!

Faff said...

Glad to finally see your take on John Wayne, as Shane says you caught his "Duke" quality perfectly.