Thursday, September 01, 2011


As many of you may be aware Blank Slate will be publishing Nelson in November. Nelson is the brainchild of Rob Davis and Woodrow Phoenix. It's one story created Exquisite Corpse style by 54 creators. I've seen quite a bit of it, and it's amazing.
Nelson's mix of an amazing variety of talented creators not only manages to be cohesive, it shows us that one style is not 'better' than another, it shows us all are valid, and value of those styles is what they reveal about the creator. Nelson really is something far greater than the sum of it's individually incredible parts.
It's probably best if I don't say anything about the content of even my own contribution for now. I'll just say that I used nostalgia to attempt to tap into something that I hope many can relate. You shouldn't have to wait to long to see if I succeeded!
In the meantime here's two random panels, one of which will allow the eagle eyed 2000ad fan to pinpoint almost exactly when my contribution is set.


ant said...

Looks laaaaahvley!

Anonymous said...

I spy with my little eye.. Brainblooms! Summer '77 prog 18 eh?


But not as nice as the art around it. Already ordered this.. fantastic stuff, looking forward to it immensely.

paulhd said...

Thanks Ant. Thants!
Crozier - Cheers for the kind words, nice to see you've got it ordered. And, that's an amzing blog you've got - no wonder you got the Prog date!