Friday, November 23, 2012

ABC Warriors

The ABC Warriors are the creation of Pat Mills and Kevin O'Neill, supported by the excellent, Mick McMahon, Brendan McCarthy and many others.I've stuck pretty much to O'Neill's original designs rather than the 'muscular' look of later incarnations as, despite some great work, that's my preference.
These have been put through an Instagram filter, mainly so they come out smaller than the set size Finngr does them which is pretty big.
I've decided to make prints of some of the finger paintings, I've done 4 portraits for this, but I'll not post anything until I've arranged printing as the internet is notoriously fickle and I think a gap between posting and selling would hurt.
I've not sold anything before as I find it hard to gauge interest for the kind of print run these things seem to need. But you have to take the plunge some time.


thekelvingreen said...

There's an appropriate late-70's feel to this for some reason. I think it's the colours; it wouldn't look out of place as the cover of 1979's 2000ad annual

Mark Kardwell said...

Like an alternate take on the cover to prog #130.

Love the Joe Pineapples.

paulhd said...

Kelvin - Cool, I can see that.
Mark - Thanks, man. Y'know, I messed around for a bit about how to put all the faces together before I realised it'd already been done and went with that layout.

webliya said...

very nice i like this