Sunday, June 30, 2013

Astrodog comic, at last!

Hi everyone (anyone), I've finally started Astrodog as a webcomic. if you look over here you can see a teaser image but the comic starts proper tomorrow - that's Monday 1st of July.


Faff said...

I am a very happy bunny so I feel possibly guilty for asking, why does it call it a wecomic on the banner? Is it a typo?

paulhd said...

That would be a typo, yes :) Fixed it now.

chiefy2shoes said...

Hey Paul. Great to meet you at the weekend. Thanks for The Count sketch. I've put it on

Astrodog was cool as well.

All the best


paulhd said...

Hey, Chief, cheers for dropping by. Glad you liked Astrodog, and appreciate you sharing the Count/Jesus pic. Looking forward to the next Kendal comic festival!