Thursday, November 14, 2013

Astrodog round up

First off, Astrodog is on sale to buy on line here, so if you'd like a copy go ahead and order one.
At the moment it's only UK postage, but I do plan to fix that, it's simply a case of me sorting about pricing, so if you're anywhere other than the UK and would like a copy, let me know.
Secondly, I've received some lovely comments on twitter from happy Astrodog customers, but what's been particularly pleasing is how many people have told me their kids have enjoyed reading it, which is pretty much all I hoped for.
Lastly, I've been lucky enough to get some really nice reviews so I thought I'd link to them.
From back when Astrodog was appearing online Zainab Akhtar (do check out her site for some great reviews) wrote this on The Beat.
The excellent Too Busy Thinking About Comics blog review by Colin Smith here, and also a piece I wrote about some of the inspirations for Astrodog here.
Over at The Beat Laura Sneddon wrote this.
And finally here's Richard Bruton's review on Forbidden Planet's wonderfully comprehensive blog - I feel particularly honoured to feature in the wonderful library.


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