Wednesday, November 08, 2006


In my haste to show off our little girl I mixed the weight up. Olivia was seven nine and a half, still very healthy. Thanks to Nimiwey's amazement for pointing that out!


I. N. J. Culbard said...

I was an 12lb baby. Oh yeah. Natural child birth in the early seventies. Imagine the primal screams coming from that ward! And yet my mother still managed to forget one of my Birthdays.

My son, fortunately for my wife, was nowhere near that weight.

paulhd said...

Holy moly! 12lbs?

Trump said...

Thanks for setting that straight Paul, some of my female colleagues winced when I said 9lb.

I was about 6lb, but was 2 feet long. Bit weird when you consider that my mum is only 5 feet tall.

I. N. J. Culbard said...

yep, 12lbs. Technically speaking I think I was supposed to be a c-section. Some days, I do wonder if she has ever forgiven me.

Also, you know how you get people that smoke in the hope of producing a smaller baby? My mum smoked the whole way through the pregnancy (she was a heavy smoker, not sure how many, but likely in the region of about 60 a day). She actually put out her last cigarette when they were wheeling her in to the labor suite and hasn't smoked since.

paulhd said...

Been imagining you as a baby teaming up with Meca-Godzilla to battle Godzilla for the fate of Tokyo!
The way I understand it not only does smoking in the hope of having a smaller baby nto work it actually makes delivery difficult.
Think my mam smoked when she was carrying me, but can't remember how much I weighed, not enough for her to remind me obviously.