Friday, November 17, 2006

Captain Kronos vampire Hunter

Welcome to anyone wondering here from the Forbidden Planet blog!
Thanks to a little help from Danny I've finally upgraded to beta which means I can tag all the various randomness.
Anyway, here's the skinny about the latest pic. Before Buffy, there was Kronos, and he was one seriously cool chap!
For those who don't know Kronos was a Hammer film and was written and directed by Brian 'Avengers' Clemens. It's one of the best Hammer films (which is saying something) and has some brilliant touches.
As I mentioned before I faffed about with the background, mainly out of guilt for the lacklustre Phibes background earlier. It's not the most detailed of bgs but I think it works at least.


Danny said...

YESSS!!! Kronos absolutely rules - the best Hammer by a very very long chalk. And a really really good rendition of Horst Janson... Very good stuff!

Must say you're picking a lot of my favourite stuff 'tween this and Phibes for drawing material - can I put in an early request for a Sapphire and Steel pic :)

paulhd said...

Similar (good) tastes mate:)
Consider a Sapphire and Steel pic go.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Superb piccy man !! Captain Kronos has the gorgeous Caroline Munro in it too !!

I'f you're taking requests I'd love to see a pic of Trash from Return of the Living Dead !!! :)

Jo Bling said...

Beautiful, sir, bloody beautiful! And congratulations on safe arrival of Olivia Paul :-) Big fat love to mummy too....

paulhd said...

Cheers Mr Bling, Olivia was well worth the wait!
Trash? Somebody likes the laydees:)
Nearly finished the Sapphire and Steel pic, so I'll give Trash a go.... so to speak.