Monday, July 23, 2007

Red in claw

Kelvin's comments on my Nightmare on Elm Street pic have prompted me to update. Not a major difference, so I've added in a couple of sketches. As usual I sort of like the sketches more than the finished piece, aint it always the way.


thekelvingreen said...

Ooh, I do like the little sketch of Freddy leaning over a bed.

paulhd said...

Yeah, me too. It was a toss up between the windows, bed or Elm street houses. I liked the simple graphic of the window frame best in the end

thekelvingreen said...

Yes, the simplicity of the image works well. The version with the bed would perhaps work better with a less cartoony approach, perhaps a sort of wispy, dreamy effect. I like yours just fine though; just thinking, um, not out loud, but you know. ;)

Faff said...

Hi Paul

Back again after 8 weeks in the wilderness.

Lied the sketches very much, gave Freddy a smiley feel that made him seem more like Kirby's Sandman but the painting definitely edged them out in getting the creepy feeling of the character across.

Hope all's well with yoyu and yours.

paulhd said...

Welcome back Peter ,I would ask how thing's are going, but havign seen your update, can only say, 'ouch'. Hope you're feeling better.
Thing's are sort of ok here, will know more in a few weeks.
Glad you liked the pic, I'm trying to figure out a fairly important part of the next one. I'll give you a clue what the film it's based on is, 'Oh Jesus Christ no!'.

paulhd said...

Oh yeah, just remembered another reason I didn't go with the Fredbed sketch, it reminded me too much a rather fine Kevin O'Neill pin up of Torquemada.